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aka Gianni Lazuli

founder of Mobile Broadcast News

As a Writer/Director/Editor FluxRostrum's digital shorts "DotCompost Heap" & "WOOD" were selected for The Malibu International Film Festival 2002, "Public Housing and Black Panthers in New Orleans" and "N.O. Evictions" were screened at the Anthology Theatre in NYC March 22nd 2006 as part of a program from Third World News Reel entitled "imMEDIAcy". "Public Housing and Black Panthers in New Orleans" was also screened at the 6th annual Anarchist Film Festival May 7 2006. Many FluxRostrum Films have been aired on FreeSpeech TV as part of the Blacked Out Media show and on numerous public access channels world wide, including Manhattan Neighborhood Network and PeraltaTV.   Get That Camera! has aired on FreeSpeech TV, screened at a variety of film festivals and was aired on The Documentary Channel. Flux has worked as part of several collectives that regularly contribute footage and/or finished pieces, such as "Watch This!", "Mandate?" & "The Iraq War 3rd Anniversary Special", to FreeSpeech TV. Several videos from Flux's time in Post Katrina New Orleans have been screened at Columbia University, film festivals and are available for rent on-line @ Liberation Video.

Flux has contributed protest footage to several feature films and documentaries including "the F Word" (Tribeca Film Festival) and Still We Ride (Bike Film Festival). As well as contributing footage to Democracy Now, Deep Dish TV and French Television projects.

Flux's Video Blog "V L O G ~ F L U X"
was ranked by the Independent UK as #4 in the world based on content in 2005.

Vlog ~ (no longer active)

Site ~ (current internet home)

Gianni Lazuli stars in "All Babes Want To Kill Me"; an action packed karate comedy, feature film.   Shoreline Entertainment (Glengarry Glen Ross) has acquired worldwide distribution rights in all media for "All Babes Want to Kill Me" as of January 2006.

Site ~

Prior to 9-11; Gianni was a a founding member of the Washington, DC ComedySportz team (competitive improv) working with this nationally renowned comedy group 3 years before branching out. First as a key ensemble performer and writer for a local sketch comedy pilot TV Show called The Inner Loop.   Then by producing, writing and performing in the Washington D.C. based sketch comedy group THE MISSING LYNX. Weekly shows at Old Town Alexandria's "Laughing Lizard Lounge" were the norm for years to come. The Lynx also traveled the east coast on the college circuit and enjoyed performances at The Kennedy Center, The National Theatre and Lisner Auditorium as well as being part of DC's Comic Relief effort.

Gianni then turned to improv once again. His show "Remote Control Theatre" followed, also receiving much recognition on the east coast college circuit by allowing audience members to "fast forward", "rewind", "pause", "mute" and "play" the completely improvised action on stage.

Gianni has acted in several indie shorts and features, and the television shows "Unsolved Mysteries" and "Vanishing Son".

On the internet Gianni has been seen in the long since dead "The Locals Only Show" (Hosting, Directing & Editing) and occasionally adding narrative to the massive amount of political protest movement videos that FluxRostrum has published on-line since 9-11-01.

During the winter of 2003 FluxRostrum embarked on a nationwide self financed road trip to cover the Dennis Kucinich for President campaign for his now defunct website, KucinichWatch.com. During this period Flux worked closely with the Kucinich Media Team, volunteering editing services toward many of the Campaign's official videos. Shortly before the California Primaries he returned home, bought a van, gave up "normal" life in LA and hit the road again.. to document end of the facade of democracy. The video below deals with the logistics as well as the motivation behind this commitment.

Related Video ~

March 2006 Update
I'm still on the road. Though many of the initial tools of the trade have been upgraded since the above video was produced and I rarely stay at truck stops these days; I'm still usually a little road weary. Keeping up with the work load is often completely impossible; but somehow I get by.

I'm currently developing a television series that embraces the talents I have developed in the various incarnations of my being.

My "home" is a smiley face coffee mug in search of a kitchen; a computer network, in a van, in search of electricity and wi-fi.

June 2007 Update
I've been stuck in New York City for about year but that's about to change. The next pResidential sElection is fast approaching and preparations are being made to cover these events for you. Announcements will be made by the end of summer but these preparations aren't cheap. Based on my track record, if you can help, it would help. The 2nd Fluxview News Van dropped a transmission. It has been retired due to cost of repair and the lack of suitability for upcoming projects. It's replacement is now being "created" and WILL blow your mind.

August 2008 Update
Much has transpired, The NOmadjik Media Bus in sitting in Denver awaiting the DNC. We will then travel to the RNC. WE will be distributing 7 minutes of coverage per day of both conventions on Free Speech TV and on the collective website MobileBroadcastNews.org.

July 2009 Update
Most people don't know that the road less traveled is a toll road. There aren't any signs or fee schedules. It's kind of like driving through remote parts of Mexico... just waiting for the toll you are bound to run across. The bus and I are currently basing in Austin, TX in hopes of retooling, resting up and eventually hitting the road again in the fall. It's time to place the breathing apparatus over my own mouth before helping others.

Novenmber 2010 Update
Basing in New Orleans. A feature length documentary chronicling the patriotic disillusionment that is ravishing the Gulf of Mexico is slated for an April 20th release to coincide with the anniversary of the BP Oil Disasater.

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